“Youth Sports Games” held in Military Grammar School

The "Youth Sports Games" have been held on the Military Grammar School’s sports courts. The sports event brought together the students of the Military Grammar School, the Secondary Vocational Military School "1300 Corporals" and the pupils of Belgrade’s Veselin Masleša Elementary School.

The opening ceremony was attended by the commandant and associate professor at the Military Academy, Colonel Srđan Blagojević, head of the Military Grammar School Lieutenant Colonel Blagoje Đačić, president of the "Youth Sports Games" Marija Mihajlović, executive director of the "Young Sports Games" Miodrag Gogić, director of the Veselin Masleša Elementary School Milan Stošić and Jovana Preković, Olympic champion and member of the Military Academy’s Sports Unit.
Lieutenant Colonel Đačić welcomed the competitors and guests, and wished them fair play and best of luck in the competition.

  - As of today, the doors of the Military Grammar School, the Secondary Vocational Military School "1300 Corporals" and the Military Academy are open for you. These military educational institutions will always look forward to the visits from the youngest generations - said Lieutenant Colonel Đačić, declaring the sports event open.

The president of the “Youth Sports Games”, Marija Mihajlović, thanked the Military Academy for the hospitality, for organizing this event and for promoting sports. According to her, when you receive an invitation from institutions such as the Military Academy and the Military Grammar School you realize that you are doing a good job and that you are on the right track.
- The Military Academy’s powerful motto - "Honour is our property" should serve as a useful reminder to everyone present in their future endeavours - said the president of the Games.

 According to Milan Stošić, director of the "Veselin Masleša" Elementary School, children are honoured to have the opportunity to present their goals and show their skills in this elite institution. Olympic champion Jovana Preković also welcomed the competitors.
The national anthem of the Republic of Serbia was played, and the opening ceremony also included the performances of the folk ensemble "Jeka" from Obrenovac, the children's choir "Kruna od nota" and Tina Jovanović, who performed the ethnic song "Ovo je Srbija".
The "Youth Sports Games" participants competed in 3x3 basketball and dodgeball. In a positive and friendly atmosphere that included socializing, playing and being in a good mood, all the participants emerged as victors.

The "Young Sports Games" participants were shown round the Military Grammar School’s sports centre facilities where PE classes are held, and they learned about the option for pupils to continue their education in the Military Grammar School and the Secondary Vocational Military School "1300 Corporals".