13th CISM Futsal Cup for Peace opened

The 13th CISM Futsal Cup for Peace, organized by the Serbian Delegation to the International Military Sports Council (CISM), Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces, has been officially opened today at the “SPENS” Sports and Business Centre, Novi Sad. Military teams representing Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Montenegro and the host country, Serbia, are taking part in the championship. The competition lasts from Monday 20th to Thursday 23rd June, making sure that each team plays all the other teams.

The official representative of the International Military Sports Council, Colonel Richard Emeh from the Nigerian Armed Forces, reminded that CISM had been established with the aim of gathering soldiers from all continents on a sports ground instead of a battlefield, in order to contribute to world peace.

- It is evident that a lot of effort and energy has been devoted to the preparations for the competition, including cultural and social events. Many thanks to state officials, delegations and the Organizing Committee. I invite all players to show sportsmanship and fair play and stay true to CISM’s motto - "Friendship through Sports" - said Colonel Richard Emeh, officially opening the 13th CISM Futsal Cup for Peace.
Acting Head of the Serbian Delegation to CISM, Lieutenant Colonel Negovan Ivanković, PhD, greeted the foreign armed forces’ representatives and sportsmen, as well as partners from provincial institutions whose cooperation and support has contributed to hosting this sports event.

- Since 2009, when the first futsal cup was held in Belgrade as part of the CISM’s “Sports and Peace” Program, we have strived to be great organizers of sports events in the armed forces. We have no doubts that the overall success of this competition will be raised to a higher level compared to all the previous sports events – said Colonel Ivanković, concluding that they were all winners, because they affirmed friendship by participating in sports events.
The Provincial Secretary for Sport and Youth, Dane Basta, expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces, and the CISM General Secretariat in Brussels, for allowing Novi Sad to be the host of such an important event.

- Sport is the most effective means of establishing, maintaining and strengthening friendships, improving physical fitness and health in all age groups. I am convinced that the national military teams of Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia will strongly advocate friendship through sports and achieve desired results with the help of some luck.
At the opening ceremony, Lieutenant Colonel Negovan Ivanković, PhD, presented awards to associates who had helped organize this cup: the First Army Brigade, the Military Academy, the Provincial Secretariat for Sports and Youth of Vojvodina, the City of Novi Sad, the Provincial Institute for Sports and Sports Medicine of Vojvodina, "Vojvodina - SPENS" Sports and Business Centre, the Football Association of the City of Novi Sad and the "Folklorika” Association, Novi Sad.

Futsal fans will be able to watch all the matches in the 13th CISM Futsal Cup for Peace on the Serbian Delegation to CISM website - http://www.sport.mod.gov.rs/cir/585/13-cism-futsal-kup-za-mir-live-stream-585 .
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The opening ceremony for 13th CISM Futsal Cup for Peace